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“Yulia” revisited

In music videos, vinyl on Wednesday, 18 January, 2012 at 23:07

It’s a bit of a cheat to do a song I’ve already done, but the topic of space come up and also, I don’t think I had the lyrics up last time, which is the point here. I don’t need nor do I like when things/lyrics follow in a straight line and make perfect, nice, clean sense. I like having room for interpretation, as I find comfort in not knowing everything. On a similar note, music videos with slavish, literal representations of the lyrics stink– imagination, please. This here is an exception to both. The song alone is great, possibly my favorite thing they’ve ever done, but if you know the story of the lyrics, it’s sad enough on its own. But then, I’ll be damned if the literal dramatization of the video isn’t absolutely heartbreaking. Nothing much to get, just a cosmonaut who gets lost in space on a mission and spends his last moments thinking about his girl. Great little short story. Very affecting.

“Diamonds in the face of night time
Watch them as they float along
I was up there floating with them
And you know that I was gone
The radio sings a patriot song, it’s a devil that you know


We were standing on the platform
Favored (favorite?) sons of history
While you’re back in Prostronaya
Writing in your diary
They flip one switch at mission, and I’m never coming home


(Oh oh) I woke up from a fever dream
(Oh oh) of floating in a salty sea
I’m stranded up here
Drifting along
And my heart beats slow
And I hope they bring my body back


So when they turn the cameras on you
Baby, please don’t speak of me
Point up to the dark above you
As they edit me from history
I’m 20 million miles from my comfortable home, and space is very cold


There’s nothing out here, nothing out here”


“Come shake me up, shake me up”

In vinyl on Monday, 7 November, 2011 at 10:25

Song: Ghost Pressure
Artist: Wolf Parade
Album: Expo 86

It doesn’t really matter since they’re on hiatus (end of an era, perhaps), but I would agree with those who say there is an erosion of stylistic differences between the two songwriters on this album. It actually feels like Dan’s album. It’s tighter, and I do prefer his style (“Yulia”!), but I miss more the ostensibly unwieldy yet perfectly balanced melding of sensibilities. Even if here it’s just the keys and synths and Spencer’s cool and backing vocals in the final minute.

In other news, I rinsed some produce last night, then set it out to dry on the dish rack. I thought it looked kinda neat. That’s a Chippewa Falls expression, if you’re not aware.

dish rack fruit

“I hope they bring my body back”

In music videos, vinyl on Sunday, 30 January, 2011 at 19:04

(If the video link is ever dead, at least the song is here.)

Song: Yulia
Artist: Wolf Parade
Album: Expo 86

Had no idea the lyrics were so linear (the video is quite faithful to the story of the song). It always felt sad, now it’s even sadder. In lesser hands this could be quite maudlin, but I’m always in awe of Dan’s ability to turn the seemingly trite into the earth-shaking (see “This Heart’s On Fire”). Would be neat to see this song in concert and see/hear him belt out “there’s nothing out here.” Oh well. It’s still ferocious.