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Stuff my cat eats

Everyone who knows me knows how utterly I love my kitty (her name is My Love, yes it is), and how fortunate I am that she ran into my life that fateful October day. If she were a dog, I probably wouldn’t bother with this, as dogs eat everything. Cats are known for being incredibly aloof, temperamental, and picky (and carnivorous), and this list is what makes my kitty all the more awesome. This is only what I can remember, mind you, I share food with her fairly often, which, of course, means I don’t get it all to myself. And this is occasional, mind you, this is not her regular diet. There’s tons of stuff missing, surely, but here’s what I remember:

Fruit: apple, mango, banana, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, peach, plum, prune, cherry

Vegetable: spinach, carrot, tomato, potato, onion, english cucumber, corn, kidney beans

Etc.: whole grain saltines, pasta (I give her strands to slurp up), bread or most anything made from dough, frozen orange whole fruit bars, a berry slushie , rice, Pop-Tarts®, apricot -raspberry Verona® cookie filling, pomegranate sorbet, Vegetable Thins® (she once poked her head in the box and dug out two crackers while I wasn’t looking), melba peach gelato, lemon Kool-aid ® ice cubes, jam-filled peanut butter cookies, Greek yogurt, marshmallow, tortilla chip, danish, avocado, Goldfish® crackers, granola, pie crust, pain aux noix (croissant)

The best part is watching her eat things that are too big for one bite (e.g. saltines or any kind of chip), so she has to attack them from the side. Kills me every time. She loves to crunch, I love to listen to it.

  1. Am back-reading blogs; enjoyed this. Question is: does your cat do other dog-like tricks? Cats who play fetch are cool.

    • Sort of. I don’t throw stuff, but she brings me items anyway. While I’m asleep or at work, she’ll find any socks or slippers lying around the house (or in an open drawer, heh heh heh, foolish housemate) and deposits them in my room, carrying them from the other side of the house. That’s a lot of work considering she must drop stuff now and then. I like to think of it as tribute. I’ve actually seen her as she coolly walks with them in her mouth. Once I was on my bed and she watched her somehow carry a TENNIS BALL in her front teeth, and tried to jump on my bed with it and failed nobly. I was goddamn proud and fully appreciated the effort.

  2. my cat (her name is “my secret agent lover cat” actually, but we call her secret) eats some weird stuff, but what makes me laugh the most are potato chips, because of that crunch. so good!

    (be careful with the spaghetti though– long strands of things are not always so good for cat digestion…)

    i also enjoy your use of the ®. now i must go blow my nose on some facial tissue and then clean my ears with a cotton swab.

    • I love the crunch!!! It’s even better with dogs, as they can fit the whole bit in their mouths. Listening to a dog crunch a potato chip is highly enjoyable. When I briefly lived with my sister four years back, I would sneak their dog the occasional potato chip while she and her husband were at work.

      I’m not saying she’s impervious to long strands of things, but I must have gotten lucky, because I’ve never even seen or heard a trace of a hairball in four years, even when I wasn’t brushing her daily. It’s amazing to me, as, if you’ve noticed, she is very poofy. It still perplexes me, in fact.

      Oh, I just added Kool-aid ® to the list. And, I just learned the Mac shortcuts: option + r, option + g, and option + 2. I don’t know why I like using them, it’s not like anyone cares. Mostly, I’m being silly. I think it’s being overly formal that’s funny to me. E.g., saying a product name, then “tee em”, I find very amusing and satisfying. If analyzed further, one could even argue it stems from the film “Spaceballs”. If you’ve seen it, you might remember that one of the running gags was that there was product placement for the film inside the film itself, but since Spaceballs was such a broad reference point (and there were so many products), they made such distinctions as Spaceballs: The Lunchbox, and Spaceballs: The Toilet Paper.

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