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La musique

I love music. It’s not just a fancy, preference, or accessory, it is of great importance to me. Rhythm and melody, and if possible, invention, are in my genes. Watch me listen to music. I am quite active. Part of the point of music, I feel. I used to update this page whenever I bought any new music, but since I’m kinda poor, it’s not as easy. Also, it’s kind of a show-off to drop names. So posting music will serve this function instead. One caveat, though, is to not expect a lot of new (read: current) music. Part of the reason is that music requires time to get into. I wouldn’t want to write about music, because there’s deadlines, and anything I wrote would merely be an instant reaction, a first impression. There are so many things I love now that have taken time to discover and grow on me, though I dismissed them at first. And it works the other way, as well. My initial reaction to something may be positive, but does it have staying power? Do I keep coming back? (Sort of like blogging: granted, not every song I post I adore equally, though if I want to write about a song during the day, and come home and it’s still with me, that’s a good sign. I’ve forgotten about plenty of songs that I once thought were a good idea.)

If I find some I like, it’ll be here, but I’m at a point where, though I will always be an explorer, I’ve learned that staying ahead of  any curve takes too much energy and time, especially at my age. It’s all youth culture anyway, the pursuit of cool. And let’s face it, these are the days of hype. If you don’t like something, you must hate it. For someone who aspires for a creative career, I need to learn to spend more energy and focus creating than consuming. I try to stay loyal to what’s been good to me, and seek out when I can. I’m as interested in where we’ve been as where we’re going, so there will probably be a lot of music that’s been out a while. That and the loyalty. Indie music, for all its pretensions, is as ephemeral and subject to bandwagonism as anything. The music that’s being slobbered over today will likely be forgotten two or three, maybe five, years (if not months) from now. It’s great to want to find new stuff, but if I find something that is good to me, that brings me genuine enjoyment consistently, over long periods of time, I stick with it. Just like with things or people: you find something good, genuinely good, you keep it as close as you can, don’t question it, and don’t fuck it up.

I used to have a list of artists I like here, but I figure writing about a song is a better way to spotlight what I like, rather than dump off a bunch of names in order to look good. It’s impossible to have pure intentions, not in this world, but on some level, blogging or writing about music is about appearances and credibility. And, good lord, doesn’t that miss the point.


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