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I figure most blogs merely fulfill a sort of selfish void for the author, in that most people aren’t interested so much in traffic and creating something popular as much as a place to put their thoughts. And I’m no different. I used to be a lot more ponderous, but I’m trying to move away from that because, as a natural overthinker, I feel it’s a bad habit. There’s nothing wrong with speaking your mind and heart, but it can very easily become masturbatory and self-indulgent. At least for me. However, I would still like to keep up with posting as often as I can, if nothing else, to cultivate the habit of staying expressive and/or creative, no matter how small the avenue. Regardless of whether or not I feel like it. It’s a challenge to stick with something you want or know to be true, even when you’re not feeling it. (The day I run out of things to be interested in or stop caring about stuff, that’s the day to pack it in.)

My aim now is more simple: to share things I love. Most of it will probably be music, and hopefully more baking, as I am an amateur, but it may be any of the following, as I love music, film, My Love (my kitty cat), food, baking, creating, beauty, language, words, people, honesty, exploring, and flaws and imperfections. (One of my chief philosophies is that you should always strive to be better than you are. I’m trying.) With any luck, I shouldn’t ever run out of things I love or am piqued or sparked by– the well’s pretty deep, no packing necessary.

  1. “Merely filling a selfish void”

    These words sound familiar … 🙂

    Glad you see you writing, despite the nearly 3-year wait. Hugs.

  2. I think it’s true about what you say about blogging being a void filler. Kinda sad when you think about it.

    • Well, one of the positives about being so busy (I work and go to school a combined 70-80 hrs/week) is that there’s not much room for a void 🙂

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