Sammy the Seal

A note about recipes

As this is just a sharing blog (i.e., sharing stuff I love) and not a music or cooking blog, the recipes I have on here are merely descriptive, not instructional, which is why the steps are general and not detailed to a clear, minute degree. I don’t intent to sound snobby, but a lot of the omissions in steps may well be things I deem to be common sense, or at least, common cooking or baking sense.  (Or maybe I forgot to mention it or it didn’t occur to me.) I have set processes for myself, but I can’t be bothered to be robotically precise with each thing. Just learn the basic moves and proportions, but don’t obsess. Leave a little room for spontaneity or experimentation, that’s how you do.

Of course, if someone had a question, I’d be willing to answer (if I can remember it!).


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