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Kalamata olive bread

In delicious on Monday, 9 September, 2013 at 14:29

olive bread first try 1

Made with a piece of tile as my hearth. I have no idea what the inside looks like, these weren’t for me. They look like how they did in school on the outside, but I don’t even remember how it looks on the inside, so even if I had cut it open, I wouldn’t know how to compare cell structure.  My stupid crappy oven runs hot, so between the time I put it in and checking on it half of the time through, the temperature had spiked about 50 degrees, so I have a feeling it may have been dense on the inside because the crust may have set too quickly.

I should do this stuff more often, it’s not as meticulous and fussy as pastry. It’s also not that photogenic, which is why I don’t have any pictures from 3rd quarter when we did bread and viennoiserie.  I mean, you have the finished product, which I couldn’t cut into because it was for an order, and photos of proofing.

olive bread proofing 1

olive bread proofing 2

Filler. Woo!

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