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Lemon meringue mousse cake

In delicious on Friday, 26 July, 2013 at 17:11

lemon mousse cake baked meringue 2

Genoise layers filled with lemon mousse and coated in Italian meringue. Very pretty, relatively satisfied. Except, as far as make-up, the cake layers could be about half as thin, and mousse could be a bit thicker. But this was partly out of necessity, as I had finite lemon and could only make a finite amount of lemon curd as my mousse base.

lemon mousse cake cross-section

The top layer was too thick, tsk tsk. Mousse cake should have more mousse. The slight discoloration on some  of the layers is syrup I had used to poach nectarines a few weeks back, and I couldn’t be bothered to make plain simple syrup. I probably should’ve scraped more crumbs off the bottom and top, I don’t like all that brown.

Split and filled but unfrosted:

lemon mousse cake no meringue

Coated in meringue before browning. Looks pretty enough untoasted:

lemon mousse cake unbaked meringue

And once more, the result:

lemon mousse cake baked meringue 1

Perhaps some outer decor or garnish or dusting next time, it’s a bit plain. Oh well. Keep on learning.


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