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Banana cake, caramel buttercream + caramelized bananas

In delicious on Wednesday, 24 July, 2013 at 11:56

caramel banana cake 1

Done concurrently with the tart. Banana cake filled and iced with caramel buttercream, with leftover caramel sauce (for the buttercream) and caramelized bananas. I intended to have a drizzle effect with the sauce, like with seized chocolate, but it’s not thick enough so it ran all the way down. Oh well.

caramel banana cake 5

caramel banana cake 2

Another lesson learned that I probably should’ve known: caramelized fruits only work when served fresh.

caramel banana cake section

Naturally, the caramel dissolves as it absorbs moisture from the air. Duh. I was pretty happy with the layering, although I got that thicker portion in the center which I tend to do. Poo. The rest of the icing is pretty good, not too copious.

caramel banana cake slice 2

caramel banana cake slice 1

It still was delicious, but that color, well. Next time cake will be served the day of while it’s still golden. Or I could purchase a torch and caramelize them to order. Enough sallow color, ick. Back to happy fresh land:

caramel banana cake 3

caramel banana cake 4


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