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Apricot chocolate sponge cake

In delicious, You're a kitty! on Friday, 29 March, 2013 at 15:43

apricot chocolate sponge 1

That’s chocolate french buttercream (fun to make, very rich and evil– good to use on your enemies), and more apricot under the little grate. The very bottom of the cake was sliced off and crumbled up so the top would have some texture instead of icing alone. That, and having more sliced surfaces instead of a crust surface.

So, another practice cake. Instead of adding most of the sugar to the egg foam and saving a little to be folded in with the dry ingredients, I did a bonehead switch-up and went vice versa. Fortunately, the volume didn’t seem to suffer, though I wonder what it would have looked like had the sugar not weighed the foam down and deflated it a bit when it was added with the flour. When the cake was cut (it wasn’t for me, of course), I didn’t have a good camera on me, and the cross-section shot was lousy, but I could’ve put more apricot jam in the middle, as well as evening it out. I could see a gap or two of empty space. Tsk. But the layers of icing on the side and top were good, fairly even and not too thick. Also, I can’t get my dang rosettes right. Basic, and still inconsistent.

apricot chocolate sponge 2

And my shell borders are still too big. Keep scaling back pressure, as light as I can go. I like to think I’ll get it.

apricot chocolate sponge 3

But, life isn’t all bad, at least not for some of us.

happy sunny cat 1

Happy sunny cat.

happy sunny cat 2


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