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Red vegetable tart

In delicious on Monday, 11 March, 2013 at 17:02

red vegetable tart 1

This one is from a couple of weekends ago, I forgot how pretty it looked until I was cleaning out my camera. The  “red” tart is: red potato, red pepper, red onion, with feta above and below, in a pâte brisée shell. Much more appealing before baking. Cooking takes out the vibrancy of the color, of course. I heard it was good though, savory (not a dessert!) and loaded with vegetables.

red vegetable tart 2

Not pictured but made at the same time, were two types of flatbread pizzas that I didn’t eat but was warmly complimented on– one with red onion, broiled garlic and halved grape tomatoes, and red pepper; and the other with squash, apple, and red onion (there was a lot of vegetables prepped). I didn’t want to deal with activating yeast (I don’t have instant or fresh yeast) so I made flatbread, which is quite simple. I should have some of my own next time. For those not familiar with the baker’s percentage, it’s a way for comparing, by weight, the most abundant ingredient (usually flour), which is set at 100%, in relation to all the other ingredients. The flatbread was:

flour 100%
water 42%
olive oil 14%
sour cream (or yogurt) 14%
sugar 7%
salt 2%

I used 18 ounces of flour, then calculated the rest. Developed and rested like a normal dough, rolled out to 1/4″ – 1/8″ thickness, baked at 450° for 12-15 minutes, however long pizza takes. You can added spices or other inclusions to the dough, though I just brushed olive oil and herbs on it before adding the mozzarella and toppings. Instead of pizza, maybe just season, then bake half the time for flatbread strips or chips. Maybe one weekend when I haven’t procrastinated on my homework.

(Note: I just made some dough using 21 oz. flour, and the re-calculated amounts of the other ingredients, and came up with a very wet dough, so I added an ounce or two more of flour. My guess is that either my new bag of flour sucks, or else I measured incorrectly/my scale was off, because I followed the percentages exactly last time, and came up with a much more workable dough, as far as I can remember. Can’t wait to get a stand mixer.)


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