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The Week In Pastry: Napoleon, Poured Mousses, Strawberry Charlotte

In delicious on Saturday, 9 March, 2013 at 10:20

This week was mousses and bavarians, though included is a napoleon from when I was working with puff pastry that I finished Monday.

Unlike the one I did the week before, this napoleon I created start to finish– mixing, baking, assembly/finishing– with the exception of sheeting the dough (which I could’ve done, except the chef asked someone to do it for me). Also, I didn’t make the fondant, but we make large batches at a time for everyone in the program to use, so few people actually make it. I made it once last quarter, so that counts. (I think the lens of the camera wasn’t clean, hence that gray spot on the right.)

napoleon full 1

Fondant wasn’t thick, so the chocolate lines melted into the white, unlike last time when it was too thick, which also made for sketchy feathering. Much smoother feathering this time around. I don’t usually like glares in photos, but shiny fondant means it was re-worked properly and not overheated (which results in an unappealing matte finish). So shiny is good here.

napoleon full 2

The molded mousses we make in batches and freeze, as well as the cookie bottoms, so the only thing I did myself was make the cocoa glaçage to pour them in, pour them, and finish with chocolate buttercream and filigree and such, all of which are par items and pre-made in bulk. For these Sarah Bernhardts, I did make the chocolate whipped cream inside:

sarah bernhardts

Chocolate mousse towers, of which all I did was finish, i.e. pour and then add a choco buttercream rosette and filigree. Shoulda gotten closer, oops:

choco mousse towers

White chocolate mousse pyramids, as finished by me, which should be obvious by the wonky white chocolate lines. If it isn’t obvious enough, the lines should be a lot finer; I cut the opening to the piping bag way too big. Also, it’s possible I should’ve melted the chocolate more thoroughly to be thinner. I also should’ve moved the pyramids as soon as I piped the lines on, before the lines dried. They had hardened when it was time to move them from the grate they were poured on, onto the liner, which is why there are broken lines on the center pyramid. Not too proud of those, finishing is kinda essential here, but oh well. Next time.

white choco pyramids

And finally, two strawberry charlottes with raspberry lemon gelée. I made most of it, though a couple of things were leftovers from other production, like whipped cream, lemon gelée, and the two thin layers of chiffon cake inside.

strawberry charlotte 1

A little messy with the gelée, which was influenced no doubt by the lack of uniformity of the ladyfingers. Piping those always gives me trouble, very messy. But I think all the other elements distract enough. I hope.

strawberry charlotte 2


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