Sammy the Seal

“Hey, hey lover, you’re still burning”

In delicious, vinyl on Saturday, 23 February, 2013 at 9:29

Song: When The Sun Hits
Artist: Slowdive
Album: Souvlaki

I wanted some noise. It’s got a classic quiet-loud-quiet, which is always good for air guitar and/or headbanging. The final crescendo is the best: it’s the heaviest and loudest. It hits instantly at 4:13, and it feels really good. It’s also a great way to start the coda/fadeout. The rhythm is decent too, no slow, plodding, aimless pace– it’s got some verve to it. Rhythm is so important. Without it, it’d ¬†probably come off as merely a “pretty” piece. Plus, languorous, dreamy, obscured vocals, a divine, bittersweet melody, and a overall subtle melancholy– yeah, this is some good shoegaze.

This is a couple days old, my checkerboard cake. Inside it has alternating sections/rings/layers of chocolate and white cake (hence the name). This is the first cake I did start-to-finish on my own. The others required finishing with fine detailing that wasn’t going to be entrusted to me, as justified by my fondant faults here:

checkerboard faults 1

and here:

checkerboard faults 2

Also, only some borders came out okay. I got better halfway through, though unfortunately I didn’t get any shots of it, they’re on the other side. Dang pressure control, still have trouble. The rest looks presentable though:

checkerboard 2

Though I highlight the fondant trouble and ugly (in places) border, it doesn’t look too bad, when looking at the finish as a whole, even with the teeny, yet visible faults on top. I bordered a cake last week that I felt not too confident about as I was piping, but when seeing it as a finished border, it came together. So I still feel good about this one:

checkerboard 1


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