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Practice cakes

In delicious on Wednesday, 20 February, 2013 at 1:29

practice cakes

Just trying to get some cake deco practice in outside of school, I just want more so I get better. The piping and icing part, that’s where I feel weak. Very frustrating time I had, it’s rough without a turntable. Everything from scratch, of course. Time-consuming, but I wanted practice, so I can’t complain. The one on the left is a three-layer genoise brushed with rum syrup, filled and iced with italian buttercream, with apricot jam on top:

practice cake 2

The other is my cinnamon cardamom yellow cake, filled and iced with french buttercream (so rich, even I, the guy who doesn’t much like cake, fell under its rich, sweet, fatty spell), with three not-so-pretty italian buttercream roses on top (the french was impossible to pipe roses from). A full batch made one cake and five muffins:

practice cake 1

Finally, the cross-sections, to test how even my splitting and layering was:

practice slice 1

Not bad, just need to work on keeping my icing uniform. I think my splitting is okay. The other one’s even thicker icing layer:

practice slice 2

I guess it’s not that bad on this one. Some of the other slices had it bad. Again, there shouldn’t have been such variation. Also, I probably could’ve scraped some crust off, it’s too visible in the top layer.

So, not bad without a turntable. I thought I’d like the sponge better because of the apricot, but it didn’t have enough apricot. I ran out. I suppose I could’ve added mango jam, oh well. Despite the fattiness (it’s a butter cake, as opposed to sponge), I liked the cinnamon cardamom french better, as it had the best flavor. Then again, it had egg yolk icing and spices working for it, as opposed to egg white icing and sponge cake.


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