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Fried plantain cream pie

In delicious on Tuesday, 12 February, 2013 at 1:17

plantain cream pie filled 1

Dang you, little dark fleck of crust in the front. Anyway, this is a good one. My trusty recipe for pâte brisée, which has yet to fail me, with a couple of dashes of cardamom in it, fried plantain, pastry cream (pudding, essentially), and mace sprinkled on top. Not fancy or upscale at all, but lovely nonetheless. I’m not too big on cream pie, everyone knows I love fruit so much, but it’s still delicious. My pride overrules my tastes.

plantain cream pie filled 2

The plantains get obscured, so I wanted to give them the spotlight first. There should’ve been more, but I couldn’t help myself. I probably ate 4-5 coins. (Note: when you’re lucky enough to have, or buy, soft, overripe plantains, fry them soon before they shrivel and toughen!) This looks really nice on its own, like it could be just a plantain basket. Very homey and rustic. I got great color on the crust, I was quite satisfied.

plantain cream pie empty

Pouring in the pastry cream warm, and then chilling, will give you perfect, clean slices. And the flaky…… I love you, pâte brisée recipe.

plantain cream slice 1

Pretty mace speckles. Stinkin’ eyelash got on the plate, though, I have to mark down for presentation.

plantain cream slice 2


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