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Raspberry bavarian charlotte (not mine)

In delicious, You're a kitty! on Sunday, 3 February, 2013 at 22:08

raspberry charlotte 1

This was made by a classmate, for production. I really don’t need more dessert, but I ended up buying this because, 1) it looked wonderful, and 2) it was marked down on Friday to get rid of it for the weekend. There was one other one, that didn’t have the gelee run out a little, but one of the chocolate strips fell over and raked across the whipped cream rosette. So I went with the unblemished finish. Just gorgeous. Delicious too, even though I really need to stop my stomach from sticking out even more.

The plastic ring was removed, and unfortunately some of the ladyfingers stuck to it, so it’s not as perfect as before.

raspberry charlotte 2

raspberry charlotte 3

raspberry charlotte sliced

Why stop at pretty dessert? How about some pretty cat:

The seldom-seen box cat.

The mythical box-cat.

morning lounge stare

morning lounge


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