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Pear normande tart

In delicious on Saturday, 2 February, 2013 at 6:18


Up late baking on a school night leads to little sleep, which leads to falling asleep early the next evening, which leads to waking up at 4am, which is why I’m here. But I did change some filters on my auto, so it’s not like I was goofing off. Still, it was a school night. This formula was cribbed from school, except it’s my tart dough recipe, which doesn’t have hazelnuts, which cost money anyway. I did make the frangipane filling according to specifications though. And since it only needed a couple T of dark rum, and you can only buy a whole damn bottle, I used half of it to macerate the pears in. Only for a few hours though, it wasn’t terribly boozy, unfortunately. I’m not including recipes on here any more, hell no. No time. Just pretty pictures, which is all people really have patience for anyway. If you’ve ever been to a more established baking blog or website, almost all the comments are akin to “that looks so yummy!” or “omg, I want to eat that!” or “I want to make that”, and cynical me says no one ever does. Even though baking is mostly about following established directions.

Still though, wouldn’t recommend baking after midnight when you have to be somewhere at 7a.

mother normande

1st little normande

2nd little normande

3rd little normande

4th little normande

These are just for presentation. On a whim, I bought a cheap case of cake boards (while shopping for other things, of course). I have dozens more to burn through anyway. They’re not gold board, but it’s still a bit nicer than a grimy cookie sheet, surely:

presentable mother normande


little normande group


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