Sammy the Seal

“I want a new détente, it might be worth a try”

In vinyl on Monday, 19 November, 2012 at 0:59

Song: Spy Vs. Spy
Artist: The Mr. T Experience
Album: The Miracle Of Shame EP

I listened to this and “Fake Plastic Trees” back and forth today. I opted for lighter. With so many smarty-pants lines (naturally, it is Dr. Frank), what to use for the title? There’s nothing too special here, just a nicely crafted, hooky little nugget of slightly jangly guitar pop backing a cute, clever lyrical conceit. There’s a slight throwback tone I’m getting, the subtle, sparse harmonies might have a hand in that. All simply and deftly executed to light-as-a-breeze perfection.

“I know you’ve been going through my pockets whenever you can
At least I understand what you’ve been going through
But I wonder if it’s understanding we’re short of
Is it love or Mission Impossible?

Ooh baby, what are you looking for?
What do you do with all the evidence?

We’re in a state of stalemate
which no one can deny
It makes our love a matter of
Spy vs. spy

Sometimes bizarre promises are whispered in your ear
Does that interfere with your investigation?
Yeah I thought so, we are not so different, you and me
Insecurity leads to aggression

Ooh baby, what are we gonna do?
We’re on the brink of conflagration

I want a new détente
it might be worth a try
But you’re aiming for a colder war
Spy vs. spy
And we need some new ways to do
the calculations by
when me plus you goes into two
Spy vs. spy

Ooh baby, what are we headed for?
I have a feeling, but it’s classified”


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