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Garlic pesto rolls, impatient scones, a quick night drive

In delicious, experience, You're a kitty! on Monday, 30 July, 2012 at 7:39

garlic pesto rolls

If it can be done with cinnamon, sugar, and butter, and strawberry, why not pesto and granulated garlic? I think it was a wise decision to leave the grated cheese out of it, I don’t think it would re-heat well. Maybe put it on top, but not in it. They turned out well, maybe I could’ve added a little more of each flavoring. Also, I’d bought a very small (it’s a bit pricey…) collection of sliced saucisson to put on one end of it, but completely forgot because I was rushing to prep and cut the rolls before the dough warmed up too much and got even harder to handle. However, the rolls themselves were great. Very light browning (not visible here), light, soft, and tender on the inside. That’s likely because I used the dough hooks to knead, instead of using my hands and then getting impatient and adding flour to the dough, which needs to be moist and sticky. I’m pretty sure that was the difference here. (Even the cinnamon rolls, right out of the oven, weren’t too soft.) Funny thing is, right after, I got impatient with moisture again.

When people say “I don’t/can’t bake”, I sort of roll my eyes, because it just requires good sense and attention to detail and instructions. However, I can understand the patience aspect. I still fail on that occasionally. I made scones right after the rolls, but quickly lost my patience with the wetness of the dough and its lack of shape or even a vague sense of structure. (Not to excuse, but it was more moist than I can ever recall. Somehow, as I followed everything properly.) So I dumped some flour into the dough, even though in the back of my head I knew that moisture is needed for voluminous scones. Such a shame, as I had held my ground with the rolls. The first batch gained less than ½ inch in volume, but fortunately the second I got ½ – 1 inch, though still not as puffy as I’d hoped. It seems obvious, but when you know the right thing to do/not do, stick to it, regardless of what your surface impulses say. In the kitchen and in life.

That part didn’t work out so hot, but it was nice to get out for a delivery and get some night air. Ahh… Thank goodness for the fotogenic feline, something extra that’s good to look at is never unwelcome.

night rider 1

night rider 2

night rider 3


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