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Nectarine tart, plum tart, squirrel cat

In delicious, You're a kitty! on Tuesday, 24 July, 2012 at 12:22

nectarine tart plum tart

Like I said, I just wanted to feel like a success again, even if it was easy and I’ve done it before. I added a vanilla bean this time though. And obviously, I used nectarines and red plums. I had at least a pound of nectarines, and about 3-4 plums. I wanted to overlap the fruit because it was so sparse on the last one. I sliced it all, then placed them cut side up in a casserole dish, sprinkled some brown sugar on top, and roasted them at 350º (or was it 375º? Oops.) for 25-30 minutes. All done the day before, of course. The nectarine looks a lot nicer below, the color comes out better at this angle, especially the first one.

nectarine tart 1

nectarine tart 2

The plum one turned out a bit mushy, so it’s not as attractive. They could have been cooked separately, and probably for less time, but I’m pretty sure I did this late at night, so I wasn’t going to wait another twenty or so minutes.

plum tart

And just because she hasn’t been around much lately:

squirrel pose

The squirrel imitation. The body is going two different directions on two different surfaces because it’s more comfortable that way.

all alone

All alone.



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