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Red plum tart, almond frangipane filling

In delicious on Wednesday, 13 June, 2012 at 23:22

plum frangipane tart slice dusted

My first plated dessert! I should bake during the day only so that I can photograph with natural light. The nice thing about not being completely successful with a recipe is that since it’s off, instructions are pointless. (Also, I don’t want to write them, it’s late.) If it were a complete success, I also would’ve brushed the extra sugar off the crust and the rim of the plate. I might want to check the prices for a mini food processor– I ground the almonds in a blender, which was kinda vexing. Also, the skin didn’t come off the almonds after roasting, which is why the filling is so dark. I should get a spreader too. That aside, it came out okay. I used a basic pastry crust as opposed to a sweet one, which I thought would help offset the tartness of the fruit, but it didn’t really need it (and, I had a lump of the basic dough to use up). Another thing for next time is a couple more plums, I would’ve liked to pack them in tighter. They’re leaning slightly, I would’ve liked them to be standing. At least seven, instead of five, should do the trick. More plum, more tart. Extra fruit is always a good idea.

The plain slice didn’t look so hot in person, but it sure does look pretty photographically represented. The power of natural light….

plum frangipane tart slice plain

Good lighting makes a hell of a difference in photography, doesn’t it? Thank goodness for the daylight slices, go back and look at those.

plum frangipane tart


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