Sammy the Seal

“We’re not like underpants– we’re people! We’re not supposed to be perfect!”

In celluloid, experience on Monday, 11 June, 2012 at 14:36

Not that its essential to the plot but if you’re familiar with the old Hanes® commercials, the premise makes more sense. This is only one of three I found online:

And from that, comes the wisdom of those lines and of Pete And Pete. Oh, imagination, where have you gone to? Poor kids today. I think I was no longer a part of the Nickelodeon set when this came out, but I remember this one, because of the greatness of those lines and the premise this one. Offbeat, but well-written, with a good “message” (I hate that word) too. I’m also partial to this one because I am a functional eater and therefore not always picture perfect and mannered and clean, and Nona’s (adorable little Michelle Trachtenberg) slightly didactic, but true, admonishment that “you’re supposed to use your hands!” vindicates me. If you’re not going to take her word, take Little Pete’s then: “eating perfectly is imperfect.” I think the barbecue scene at the end is actually kinda sweet. The end credits song by Solaris (who did the theme song) is a nice, melodic, 90s-jangly bookend.


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