Sammy the Seal

“You gotta find your f—in’ place in the sun, jackass”

In experience, funny ha ha on Tuesday, 29 May, 2012 at 14:43

I love that line, it’s very real. I like this guy. He did Fear Factor, UFC and the other fighting stuff, and he looks and even jokes about being a meathead, but don’t let his appearance, humility, or self-awareness fool you. He’s a pretty intelligent, self-aware human being. There’s nothing like taking the piss out of people who think they know better, and this clip brings it boldly. “Can’t compete” is the diplomatic, polite way to say “lazy”, “makes excuses”, and “avoids”. “You’re trying to pull the playing field down….. you’re not trying to rise.” Say it, brother. I especially like the last bit, as a hypothetical retort those who would judge or rationalize others. Besides, he already acknowledges the importance of balance and compromise (0:45). (Ugh, I wish there were no music in the background, it ruins it a little for me. The words are strong enough that they sure as hell don’t need to be scored.)

Then again, one shouldn’t be worried how one is perceived anyway. I have no idea what the hell the video is, I just listen to the audio anyhow:

If you can be objective and impartial, this is actually scarily coming to pass, I think. If you can look past his intensity, he’s making a lot of insightful points, while still being funny. That’s the best kind of comedy.


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