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“I’m dizzy from her kiss, so vertiginous, lost in lysergic bliss”

In music videos, vinyl, You're a kitty! on Sunday, 13 May, 2012 at 20:26

Song: Lysergic Bliss
Artist: Of Montreal
Album: Satanic Panic In The Attic

If in need of an absolutely splendid song you can’t get out of your head, je vous presente… I like that it doesn’t dive in and give up the goods so quickly, there’s a cool tribal-sounding intro, followed by a couple seconds of country jangle (an awesome tease), and that unpredictable, shifty rhythm at 0:31 to 0:36 (it eludes me every time!) before Kevin Barnes & Co. unleash the gift of golden, sun-drenched perfect pop, fitted with ungodly hooks and harmonies. When Kevin’s on, he’s on. Good lord, forget about the chorus, the verse melody is immaculate. Man, to have the ability to put together notes like that, I’m envious. (By the way, it’s normal to come at 2:36.) And as well as a nice intro, it’s fitted with a nice flute-adorned coda as well, mellow and instrumental, but still sprightly. Those damn melodies won’t leave me alone now. What a magical song.

Despite the analogy to a LSD high, the lyrics are most definitely a love song. Saccharine on paper, but behold the artistry of the music, and how they give the words sincerity and soul:

“Wearing an olive drab, but feeling somehow inside opalescent
Wonder how I’m managing to smile, oh, when I can’t even pay my rent
Maybe it’s because I’ve finally found my little tulip, my Norge dear
Funny, how in spite of all my woes, life can appear rosy and clear
rosy and clear

And I’m dizzy from her kiss, so vertiginous, lost in lysergic bliss

(Because it hurts me so bad!)

Love the way you wear your curly hair, sanguine and spiraling, tied in a bun
Love the way it falls about your face, mercurially gilded by the sun
If we were a pair of jigsaw puzzle pieces, we would connect so perfectly
Creating a still photo of a scene from The Phantom of Liberty
of Liberty

And I’m dizzy from her kiss, so vertiginous, lost in lysergic bliss

(Okay children, remember your breathing– one, two, three, four)”

More from the “happy new home” front. A more perfect depiction of today there could not be:

corner sprawl kitty 1

corner sprawl kitty 2

Oh, and a pretty neat performance of the song by an a cappella group at SUNY-Binghamton (one of the three schools I was accepted to for undergrad, those I chose to do my drama degree at the U. of Washington), in New York:


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