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Let there be direct, natural light

In vinyl, You're a kitty! on Thursday, 3 May, 2012 at 7:59

Song: Let There Be Light
Artist: Justice
Album: ✝

What does a banging techno track with a big-ass beat have to do with a peaceful, relaxing kitty? Contrast, I guess. I imagine the first three and a half minutes represents for her the anxiety of moving and getting accustomed to a new place (getting accustomed = hiding under furniture), and the sweet cool-down of the last minute and a half is the sunshine (literally) after the storm (figuratively).

A mini-story in pictures. These photos are notable because for the last 21 months, this scene has never been…. seen. (Ugh.) My old place got almost no direct sunlight, save for a couple of hours in the morning, through the trees, when the sun did actually shine. Most of the light was ambient and reflective, and even then, during the day, about half of my apartment saw almost no natural light. So this new arrangement is a benefit not just to me, but more for her. It’s the complete opposite now. With a second story location, and three windows facing directly west, we’re inundated. We have more than we know what to do with. Heck, if wanted to lie down in the sun at the middle of the floor, I can do that too.

Being able to see this warms my heart, I’m so happy for her (she’s so content, she shed a clump of fur off to the right):

kitty in the sun 1

kitty in the sun 2

kitty in the sun 3

Another ordinary photo, but notable because for two whole workdays, I didn’t have to refill her food dish. Still getting accustomed to the new surroundings, so hiding under the bed and hardly eating were the order of the last five days:

cat off hunger strike

She’s so happy, she’s even showing off the inner eyelid:

chin scratch

chin scratch inner eyelid

The anxiety and upheaval are over, it’s safe to rule again. Big arm.

royal kitty


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