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“It gives me thrills to wind you up”

In music videos, vinyl on Tuesday, 1 May, 2012 at 14:45

Song: Foundations
Artist: Kate Nash
Album: Made Of Bricks

And that’s why you can’t trust a female. Just kidding. Personal details/anecdotes, cynicism, and seething vitriol aside, this is an anthem for those of us blessed by self-doubt, fear, naïve hopefulness, and just plain caring too much. All that despite our age, experience, and knowledge of human nature. The sentiments of the chorus aren’t the most original, and yet there’s always something relevant about “I know I should let go but I can’t.” The style is a bit cutesy and teenage-diary style and teeters dangerously on the edge of cloying, but despite the catchiness and the peppy piano plinks and guitar strums of the verses, the tone of gravity in the choruses brings it back down to earth, capped with the fatalistic drop of that final bottom note. (No, I’m not wallowing….)

If the message of the song isn’t depressing enough, just wait ’til you see the video. The toothbrushes, watches, and socks are breaking up. Not to mention the poster in the final shot. (“Don’t fall for this”? Yikes.)

This version is uncensored,
Kate Nash- Foundations

and this one is:


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