Sammy the Seal

Change doesn’t necessarily (or at all) mean progress

In experience, vinyl on Sunday, 29 April, 2012 at 23:54

Song: Aurora Borealis
Artist: Meat Puppets
Album: Meat Puppets II

Don’t mistake the former for the latter. It’s just something that occurred to me, given recent circumstances, that I thought important to remember. It’s not a line from the song, which is just an offbeat little country, blues-y instrumental piece. Those ostensibly atonal guitar lines give the song an slightly trippy, otherworldly feel.

Seriousness aside, I do enjoy my new (relative) backyard. If I had a mic, I’d have captured the seals/sea lions barking and embedded them here too. And, this isn’t even with sunshine or at night.

backyard view 1

backyard view 2


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