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Cat in the sun

In delicious, You're a kitty! on Monday, 2 April, 2012 at 0:28

cat in the sun 1

Up early on a Sunday morning, and the sun was out and coming through my windows for the brief a.m. hours when it’s not blocked by trees (hello, end of lease!). I was so happy for her, she hasn’t gotten to lie in the sun in months. (Also, it makes it colder in here). Hopefully I can get a place where we can both do that.

cat in the sun 2

I like how animals roll around and flop on their backs to show their affection and enthusiasm (and desire for attention). I got both the canine and feline versions of the flop the last day plus. I felt spoiled and honored.

belly up

Damn lighting and camera, I don't know how white belly turns into pink belly again.

cute kitty

This one's nothing special, she just looks good. Today in general she was, soft and pretty.

Also, a good way to use up some carrots is to make banana flax carrot bread/muffin. It’s the same as this, with about half as much flax seed, plus 2/3 cup grated carrot, and applesauce instead of butter. It’s just a bunch of brown muffins, not very exciting to look at, but delicious and healthy. And a little sticky to the touch. I’m sure that’s due to replacing the fat, though I’d like to know why exactly that is. I did still have cream cheese icing from the plum tarts, so the muffins weren’t too plain. But there’s still a bit left. I should toss it, I don’t think I need any more cream cheese, butter, and sugar in my body.



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