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Red plum tart, sweet cream cheese filling

In delicious on Wednesday, 28 March, 2012 at 11:57

plum tarts cream cheese

(Is that a jar of gooseberry preserves in the background? It sure is!)

Ah, the joys and possibilities of leftover dough. Miniature pies don’t use up much dough, so with an extra lump, there was more pastry to be had. So versatile, just whip up some kind of paste or creamy filling, then toss in fresh fruit. And even then, you can top it off by glazing, dusting, or flambé, if you have the tools. And, I had a couple of red plums lying about. The filling was pretty much a cream cheese icing, but with a tablespoon less butter and 1/2 c less powdered sugar:

8 oz. cream cheese
3 T butter
1 t vanilla
1 c powdered sugar

I whipped up the cheese and butter pretty good, blended in the vanilla, then sifted and whipped in the sugar. I probably could’ve used only half a block of cream cheese, as I only had enough dough for two small shells, but maybe I’ll make cake or muffins or something with the rest of the icing. Or more dough. Then I put it in the fridge for a couple hours so it would set/firm up.

Rather than baking the shells at 380º for 13 minutes, then the same after removing the weights (dry beans) last time. I baked the shells at 400º for the first 13 minutes. Honest mistake. Is that why they shrunk? The shells came out no more than a centimeter or so tall. Hm. Very light though. They didn’t char or brown excessively, they were just smaller than I’d hoped. I let them cool to room temperature, then spread in the cold frosting, then sliced a red plum into wedges and arranged them as above, while spattering a little filling. The sweetness of the icing offset perfectly the tartness of the plum, specifically the skin, of course.

Cold fruit is good, and so is cold dessert– non-messy, fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand, cold dessert.


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