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Baby nectarine pies

In delicious on Saturday, 24 March, 2012 at 21:41

mini nectarine pies 1

Made in a miniature tart pan. It worked out fine, but if I could get my hands on some miniature pie plates, that’d be nice. Also, I forgot to bring sugar crystals with me, so it’s just a plain, unadorned crust. Still good though. I hadn’t made a pie in about four months, shockingly. Since I was doing little pies, I made but a half batch of dough. The filling was made out of two small nectarines, sliced into wedges about 1/2 inch thick, then tossed with 1/2 tablespoon cornstarch and 1/8 cup brown sugar (could’ve been less, I wanted it more tart). Then the top crust went on. Rather than using egg glaze and therefore having to open an egg, I brushed the top crust with milk. I baked at 400º for 15 minutes, then turned it down to 350º for the last 25-30 minutes.

If you look closely, much of the top crust of the pie on the left isn’t attached to the bottom crust. The reason filling the crust didn’t work so well is because tart pans have fine edges, so when I draped the dough over, the pan edge trimmed the dough off. Also, I wanted to cram a lot of fruit in, since fruit tends to shrink in a pie, and as a result couldn’t (read: didn’t really try– I wanted to get those things in the oven) press together well the top and bottom crusts. The only thing holding the top on was the sticky filling. It peeled off with a little effort. Funny, but kinda cool. The pie on the right had a little of that,  as well, but it was mostly sealed. Here’s a better angle of the hovering crust:

mini nectarine pies 2

So where is the goo that bubbled out of the pie? It’s there on the pan, but I obstructed it and framed the shot just right so it wouldn’t look tacky. As if that mattered in this case.

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