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Pizza block party

In delicious, funny ha ha on Tuesday, 20 March, 2012 at 14:18

So with the one I made Sunday, I forgot to add onions, and to sprinkle cornmeal for appearance and texture. I split this batch of dough in half, made parmesan garlic bread/sticks out of the second lump.

thinner crust pizza 1

I baked the cheese/garlic bread for 10 minutes instead of 15, and the cheese still turned brown. Next time I’ll skip the cheese and make it garlic bread, or use a different cheese that won’t scorch quickly like parmesan. Very delicious and aromatic, though not exactly pretty.

parmesan garlic bread

On a completely unrelated note, I was just watching old NBA clips, and found a compilation of blocked shots. I couldn’t stop laughing. The first one, by Olajuwon, is too awesome. How often do you see someone turn the ball over and NOT give up on the play, much less a center? The way he charges downcourt and flies in for the rejection is hilarious and scary. Imagine if Rod Strickland had turned around to see that. That kind of mobility on a 7-footer is amazing. Also of note is Jordan’s utter “fuck you” block on Ewing starting at 1:06, punctuated by the announcer’s “woo!” Both are fantastic.

One last one, with one more to set it up. Playoffs, 1994, barely-6′ Kevin Johnson dunks on 7′ Olajuwon plus the foul. Funny and inspiring, with a perfect “in your face!” from the announcer:

However, later in the series, Hakeem would exact a swift, brutal, and humiliating revenge:

Again, a fucking center, charging downcourt to disrupt the fast break. Awesome. I have no doubt this was payback, look at how deliberate and monstrous that windmill that sends KJ to the ground is. A great block excites and intimidates, and it makes you truly pity the shooter. And I pity Kevin Johnson


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