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“I’d just like to say this gig SUCKS!”

In delicious, funny ha ha on Thursday, 15 March, 2012 at 7:22

The working-with-yeast-risen-dough gig. It’s only my second time trying to work with yeast, but man, it can’t be that hard, can it? It’s just the cheese bread recipe on the side of the bag of flour! The first time was my fault, I baked it even though I knew the yeast was inactive and the dough therefore never rose. The result was a warm, dense lump of dough and cheese. Congealed and low-volume, but otherwise delicious, sincerely. I think we finished it by the next morning.

This one actually doesn’t look so bad, though it is a bit misshapen and uneven due to my meddling hands and impatience:

misshapen cheese bread 1

misshapen cheese bread 2

misshapen cheese bread sliced

This time, I made sure to correctly and patiently proof the yeast before adding it to the dough, though I had to go through three packets of yeast before finding one that didn’t just sit there, and I was careful about the water temperature too. (I thought I had killed it the first cheese bread attempt, but since the other two packets lay fallow this time, I think I’m going to let myself off the hook for the first loaf and say the yeast was no good to begin with.) Since I used functional yeast, this one could be looked at as a (very) modest success. At least it has volume, anyway. In fact, if I hadn’t needed to go to bed, I would’ve let the dough rise longer, and shaped it more meticulously. As you can see the crumb is still a bit coarse, as well.

Ugh, bread takes so much time! I appreciate my relatively low-maintenance pastries and other sweets a bit more now. Sigh. Calm down. Ah, Beany and Cecil will soothe my jangled nerves:

I knew that laugh growing up, my brother did it from time to time, but I never knew it came from Dishonest John! It’s all coming together….

  1. […] “I’d just like to say this gig SUCKS!” – Homemade bread through the Rolling Stones. […]

    • Wow, I’m hono(u)red. I lurk there quite often, which is why I finally added the link. It was either just before or just after I remembered Joey Ramone’s line that I went straight there to see if they had that quote somewhere, and of course, they did:
      Nothing much to add, spot on, that is. It’s a great scene, and it’s in no way gratuitous, even if the Ramones are a bit hip. My favorite bit of trivia is that during the commentary, David Mirkin says how the Ramones were huge Simpsons nerds and tried to plug in to the show and get insider info after they did their spot. What wonderful geeks.

      Homer would be the first one to tell me “quit livin’ in the past” but the earlier years were so well-written that lines like these pop up without warning, with seemingly no context. (My brother and I could do that all day, except now, we’re adults, living on opposite sides of the country.) “Making bread sucks” made me think of “this gig sucks!”, simple as that. Now that’s staying power.

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