Sammy the Seal

“You’re trying to hide– but why, babe?”

In vinyl on Wednesday, 14 March, 2012 at 14:03

Song: Burning
Artist: Davíd Garza
Album: A Strange Mess Of Flowers

It’s hard to believe that this was never officially released until it appeared on this compilation. It so could’ve fit in any number of places–  it’s too bright, sprightly and melodic to fly under the radar (this coming from the guy who’s generally skeptical of the singer-and-acoustic-guitar style). Was it because of the static on the track, which, by the way, is how it is on the disc, and therefore how it was meant to be? Was it because his voice is and even cracks, like at 1:57 (which is awesome, by the way)? I’ll never know. I mean, it had the nifty little solo and guitar effects near the end, how did it at least never appear on a soundtrack? It should be obvious just by listening that much of the lyrics are swoon bait,  but some of it is genuinely sweet. “If you just trust me, I won’t even touch you, I’ll just point you the right way home” is a favorite line for this recovering sentimentalist. I’ll admit, if I were a girl, I’d get a little warm, tingly, and mushy. (Singer-songwriters and their dirty tricks, tsk tsk tsk.)


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