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“I summon you to appear, my love”

In music videos, vinyl on Monday, 12 March, 2012 at 14:13

Song: I Summon You
Artist: Spoon
Album: Gimme Fiction

For all my talk of my affection for minimalism, I’ve never really taken to the “guitar jangle and/or strum, steady beat, and not much else” aesthetic that runs throughout Spoon’s music, as far as I’ve heard anyway. It doesn’t rub me the wrong way, and the songs are good enough, but it’s never really grabbed me.

Well, hello, exception, I’m always pleased to meet your kind. Classic sound, and a soft, warm tone that feels reassuringly familiar, even if I can’t exactly place it. I would say how special the chorus is, but it’s all good. Simple chords, uncomplicatedly arranged, caringly strummed, sprinkled with just the right amount of mmm’s, oo’s, and falsetto (“the signal’s a cough/but that don’t get me off”, the falsetto obscures the line), and especially those ba’s (or whatever they are) at the end. One last hook to sing along to, how generous. Special mention also for the “awwww no” on the “where are you tonight?” lines. The song feels good, but it’s a little bit fun too.

Verbatim interpretations of music are usually lame, but this is endearingly cheesy:

And one more time, even more stripped down:


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