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“I’ve tossed universes…..!”

In funny ha ha on Saturday, 10 March, 2012 at 20:50

This is not as, uh, deep as some of his other material, but I’m laughing as loudly and hysterically as the audience. Man, his timing, delivery, and stage presence here– when you have those, it doesn’t matter how crude the subject matter is. (And if you can’t laugh at the crude anyway, well, what’s the point?) Thought-provoking or completely inane, Bill Hicks could do both:

As could this man. Also unsophisticated yet hilarious: exaggerated and cartoonish verbal descriptions of fantasy violence. This is such an easy target for him to make, and he didn’t even live in the Pacific Northwest. I saw one just the other day and this bit was my first thought. (This bit plays a lot in my head, it’s hard to not see these devices here.) I always remember the “touch the little prick” line, not just because it’s comedy gold, but because I think he makes an astute and meaningful point. Perspective always was one of his strongest,  and one of my favorite, weapons:

(From his Complaints and Grievances special)

Bless you two angry, hilarious, and thoughtful men of heart.


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