Sammy the Seal

“Real life and postcard views”

In vinyl on Tuesday, 6 March, 2012 at 15:29

Song: Europe Endless
Artist: Kraftwerk
Album: Trans-Europe Express

Ah, refreshing, life-giving minimalism. Calm, repetitive, and pushing ten minutes, and still, I wouldn’t have minded a bit more. Spacious, yet a bit lush and expressive, rhythmic and melodic. What can I say that the streamlined synths, the warm, high melody, the human and synthesized vocal teamwork (dig those lofty aah’s), the light and steady beat, and the lone heavy beat at 2:44 can’t? I’m sure I was just bummed out from having to come back home, but flying through the sky, and now, the human vocals sound like promise and possibility, the music and song (and album) themselves the soundtrack of travel and movement. It makes me feel like I need to be somewhere, in motion.

It would now appear that to find music is to go to Boston. While about on my Sunday off during Marit Weekend, I stopped by Newbury Comics (whore!) like I did last visit, and found stuff again. Just like that, this Kraftwerk and some Suicide. I’ve never seen it here, they actually had plenty of each, and pretty damned inexpensive for a non-Best Buy-type place. I could’ve come away with at least two of each artist (Tour de France Soundtracks, and the next two or three albums, respectively) but decided I had enough debt. Now I’m thinking I should’ve picked up another Suicide, it was only $10. I’m lucky Autobahn wasn’t there, it would have given me a splurge I could justify.


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