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“To: Sam, Lovely meeting you in Cambridge, ♥ Marit Larsen”

In experience, vinyl on Monday, 5 March, 2012 at 9:30

And so, Marit Week + 2 ends. Quality trip, even found some CDs I couldn’t find at home! Spent a lot of money, but getting the hell out of town was my goal, and it came off highly successfully. Special thanks again to my friend who happened to be in Boston this weekend so I could stay at his place for two nights. I otherwise flat-out couldn’t have gone, with no place to sleep and all. I owe him. And another thanks to the fellow Marit fan stranger for the high-quality photo. Your payment will be arriving through Paypal when I get back home.

Here’s one last Marit tidbit before I act sane and return to normal, mundane life. Evidently, she was nominated for an Echo, a German music award I think, in 2010. I’d heard she had a good following in Germany, but listening to her nominated alongside huge American pop stars is a bit surprising, “comically” so, in her word. For two non-native English speakers, it’s a decent interview; the German interviewer’s actually got some decent questions, not too vapid nor pulled directly from stock. And Marit, as always, is quite unassuming and charming about the whole thing. Let’s just say she’s got some perspective and humility to spare, and a very soft, yet assured voice. In person, even more so. Though I was embarrassingly nervous, she was just like how I see artists and performers– a normal person who happens to have a public profession. She was very friendly and appreciative, and more gracious, humble, and down-to-earth than you see here. It felt normal, how we were all hanging out. Me and Marit down by the schoolyard. I warned my lady that I might be Mr. Larsen at the end of this weekend, it’s all okay now, I’m not going to Norway.

Not only am I not one to get starstruck nor take photos, neither am I terribly interested in autographs. But, as in life, there are rarely absolutes:

marit album covers

To Marit,

Likewise, and then some,

♥ Sam


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