Sammy the Seal

“While you were busy dreaming….”

In music videos, vinyl on Saturday, 3 March, 2012 at 10:00

Song: I Can’t Love You Anymore
Artist: Marit Larsen
Album: Spark

Marit, girl, you’re killing me. As heartfelt an artist as I find her to be, this is still a bit of a surprise. The lyrical content is nothing new, but the soulful slow burn? This is probably as straight-up “adult” as she’s ever sounded. I’m very moved. Her vocal cadence and inflection is so lovely and wonderful, that rather than picking out words or phrases in this song, I just enjoy all of them. However, I will make special mention of the blues-y bridge at 2:49, and her painfully gorgeous and heartbreaking oo’s that highlight it. Sigh……

Contrary to a recent statement of mine, I could almost imagine this on a radio station somewhere. The style and lyrics content sound like they would belong. The difference being that it all sounds so much better coming out of Marit. It fits well with a semi-long bus ride on a cool, damp, overcast day, I can tell you that. Miss M, I know you can’t play every song on Spark, especially since you’re only opening, but please play this one so I can swoon a little bit like a sucker, thank you.

2:48 and 3:13– completely awesome:

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