Sammy the Seal

“….take myself to an east coast city and walk about”

In vinyl on Friday, 2 March, 2012 at 16:12

Song: Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken
Artist: Camera Obscura
Album: Let’s Get Out Of This Country

I’d like to, but I’m only gone four days, so I won’t have too much time to walk about. It’d be great to walk around to this, with pop hooks and pep abounding. But staying home with the nephews I’d never met before and just lazying and playing around all day wasn’t too bad either.

I found you in New York, Camera Obscura, so I thought this appropriate. This song reminds me of the last Marit, both full and bright, but this one pumped up a bit bigger, with even more arrangements, sweep, swirl, and bounce to go around. The kitchen-sink approach doesn’t overwhelm, even with those abundant strings threatening to take it over. It’s well-balanced, just like those two minor key guitar lines during the middle instrumental break at 2:02 provide a nice counterpoint to the rest of the major key ones.

Tomorrow I’ll have to do some walking to get myself to town since everyone’s leaving so early in the morning, like a few miles. Taking myself to an east coast small, rural town just isn’t the same.


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