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“You got to feel it to know, you got to know it to dare, you got to dare to let go”

In music videos, vinyl on Wednesday, 29 February, 2012 at 23:52

Song: Don’t Move
Artist: Marit Larsen
Album: Spark

I don’t know how else to keep describing the same things about her, so I’ll just continue the Marit Larsen Jukebox, with something a bit more traditionally pop. And so what, when it’s sweeping and lively? Not only do I start to melt like a sucker when the magical, twinkling keys open, but I imagine sitting stage right (where I’m booked) and getting all excited when these opening notes play (“gasp, it’s ‘Don’t Move’, hooray!”). I assume, though I don’t know why the hell she wouldn’t play this sweet little stirring tune from a new record.

I thought it only fair to warn my lady that I may be Mr. Larsen at the end of this weekend– she understood. Look at the gleeful, spirited, and lovely girl in the red dress shake her head at 1:05, 1:54, and once more at 2:09. (I actually like the last one best, it’s more subtle.) And of course, the laugh at the end of the performance. Goddamn, I’m pathetic:

Copyright fucking issues. Someone re-posted a couple of weeks ago, let’s see how long it lasts:


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