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In music videos, vinyl on Monday, 27 February, 2012 at 15:27

So says Marit, on the International Artist Feed. How sweet. Likely it’s from 2005-6, when her first solo album came out. I thought it might be neat to jump back in time to see her from a few years back. I love hearing her interviews, she’s so darned natural. There’s more good interviews around to show that, but there’ll be time during the rest of the week. In six years, I’ve never seen the video for “Under The Surface”, shockingly. Since she brought it up:

I know she explained why there is a contrast between song and images, but it still feels strange. I guess she doesn’t seem that fanciful. The nonsensical doesn’t show until after the 1:00 mark. It’s got everything, including Captain America: The Skater vs. Big Bunny.

Song: Under The Surface
Artist: Marit Larsen
Album: Under The Surface

“Did you love her the way you love me? Is there a chance that there might be traces of her that you carry under the surface?” Wondering about your beau’s ex while happy in the relationship? Yeah, I think it was a serious song for her. This is obviously one of the more girly and melodramatic tunes of hers, given the words and sound. First, I cut her slack, because she was only about 22 when she wrote it.

Second, I don’t necessarily mean any of this in an undesirable context. Coming from anyone else, I’d roll my eyes at least, but it sounds true coming from Marit. Insecurity on its own is nothing special, it can grate, but what separates her for me is her unabashed insecurity, as shown by the swaying, sweeping arrangements of the song. I’d rather hear someone who is willing to share and put themselves out there, than someone who makes something quiet and solitary and precious. For me, there is strength in such unabashed insecurity. It takes a bit of strength sing about this stuff, not to mention admitting you were in a “fragile” place when you wrote it. That kind of fearlessness despite oneself is quite attractive.

It’s not one of my absolute favorite songs of hers, but it’s still quintessential Marit.


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