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“You’re safe inside your barricades, your shining armor– but I’m tireless”

In music videos, vinyl on Sunday, 26 February, 2012 at 20:54

Song: Keeper Of The Keys
Artist: Marit Larsen
Album: Spark

I love that line, girl. She’s actually got a few good ones on this album, they’ll appear later. I wasn’t even paying attention to this one, I was pretty content with “I could help you out, instead of breaking in.” Thank you, Ms. Marit, for the new album, and for coming to the U.S., even if I have to go east to see you. It’s kind of a no-brainer, especially since I get to travel for the first time in two years, to someplace that’s not Texas, no less! She’s pretty much my excuse for going, as my upcoming trip is less than five days, less than four off the airplane. Once again, the only way to get the album was buying as an import through an online seller here in the states. I was rather neutral about the trip, until the mail came yesterday, and I quickly became the most excited I’ve been since I bought plane tickets two weeks ago.

This would be a good song to open the show with, very subtle and unassuming. How that piano, guitar, and voice avoid coming off as too sensitive and plaintive is amazing. I’m normally kinda skeptical of that stuff. As before, the music and themes on the album are a bit girlish, insecure, and melodramatic (at times), but with a realistic dose of honesty and wisdom. She’s not a vapid, naïve diva, nor is she a self-serious acoustic queen. Singer-songwriter is not terribly appealing to me, but since listening to her as far back as M2M, she’s earned a fair amount of credibility with me. However, I’m not sure she could ever find a niche in this country for those reasons. Not hip, ironic, or detached enough for the cool tastemakers, a bit too much under the surface for mainstream. I can’t imagine her on any radio station, polished and palatable as her style is. At least she’s enjoying some success across the water, though.

Reading the lyrics below, it still surprises me on occasion that I enjoy her music, in relation to other tastes and styles that I listen to more often, but I think it’s because she seems real to me, I don’t hear any fronts. When I listen, I believe I have a genuine feel for who she is as a person. To re-use the same words as before, girlish, insecure, and occasionally melodramatic, but honest, wise, and still a little playful and energetic. Her music has always had an idiosyncratic little spark (no pun intended) to me, even though I’m not a sentimental girl. Plus, I’m a sucker for those tinges of soul and country in her voice. There’s something about her hum, I love it.

“When you fall, when you fall,
when you fall into your silence
No way to touch, no way to reach,
like a bottled ship, no less

I wish I were the keeper of the keys,
so I could help you out,
instead of breaking in
Oh sweetheart, when the blues come marching in
Oh sweetheart, won’t you lean into my arms again?

When you go, when you go,
when you go into your darkness
You’re safe inside your barricades,
your shining armor
But I’m tireless

I wish I were the keeper of the keys
So I could help you out,
instead of breaking in
Oh sweetheart, when the blues come marching in
Oh sweetheart, won’t you lean into my arms again?”

Goddamn, I’m all excited again. I hope she laughs at the end of each song like I’ve always seen her do. Hooray!

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