Sammy the Seal

“I’m all naked and wet!”

In You're a kitty! on Thursday, 23 February, 2012 at 14:30

There’s nothing like a wet cat to inspire feelings of pathos and compassion. Really, how can you not be sympathetic? I hesitate to use the word “cute”, because it might seem like I doused her for my benefit. It was for hers– I found a flea last night (boo), so it was immediately bath time. Always a good girl: no crying, no clawing nor scratching, minimal resistance and attempts to climb out, and consequently, almost no mess. Fabulous. I so seldom bathe her, so I must make record of it, I must!

Before– the “fatty” with wings:

fatty with wings

And now for her shrinking act. She hopped out once, while I ran for the camera, but after putting her back in, she stayed in until I picked her up for drying. I felt a little guilty, yeah. So well behaved, though, that’s my good girl. (It should be said she likes the tub in general, she often jumps in after I finish a shower.) After:

wet cat 1

wet cat 2

wet cat 3

She kinda looks like a little rat, I know.

wet cat 4

Big, beautiful eyes.

wet cat 5

After the ordeal was over was the only time she was vocal and noticeably uncomfortable.

wet cat 6

Like here.

wet cat 7

All clean. Fresh shampoo scent, ahh! Be happy, you smell so good.


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