Sammy the Seal

“If I make it through the night, everything will be alright”

In vinyl on Tuesday, 21 February, 2012 at 13:37

Song: Waving My Dick In The Wind
Artist: Ween
Album: The Mollusk

Sometimes all you need is a bit of two-minute inanity to take some of the edge off. For an ostensible country piss take, this is terribly jaunty and hook-laden. If you ignore the juvenile title/chorus, it’s sort of sweet and innocent, actually. It’s not drunken, sloppy, nor tossed-off, it’s competently and professionally played and produced. I have no idea what those background vocals at 1:50 are saying, but I love their floaty, ethereal, indistinct sound. Ironically, I think it adds a sense of gravity. And yet, on second thought, it seems a bit silly. You just never know with Ween, eh?

This song is also notable, as it is one of a few songs that a friend in college and I tried to translate into Swedish. We had taken a couple of years together, including studying abroad in Stockholm, and I guess we felt it important to translate it. He was a big Ween fan, which is the only reason I know this (The Mollusk being the only album of theirs I own). I’m not sure what else we tried to translate, I only can recall tackling this and “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”, the latter of which we always wanted to perform at a Stockholm reunion at our professor’s house, with the rest of the kids in the program. We never did get the chance, though I wonder whether we actually would have gone through with it. Oh well, I guess there’ll be no “kuken i vinden.”


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