Sammy the Seal

“They say my music’s too loud, I tried talking about it, I got the big run-around”

In music videos, vinyl on Sunday, 19 February, 2012 at 23:58

Song: Fight The Power
Artist: The Isley Brothers

Damn, I was looking for a clip from Out of Sight, which is where I know this song from. Very solid, overlooked/underrated film from 1997 (Clooney, Lopez, Rhames, Cheadle, Zahn, Brooks, Farina, Keaton, et al.). Right after the main characters leave Florida, this song pumps over the soundtrack as the film cuts to downtown Detroit in winter, in tinges of blue, with the camera passing by landmarks and such. Great act opener, a good little homage/montage to the city. So that’s the clip I was looking for. Goddamn, what a classic. No explanation, just feel it, shit! Not just the soundtrack is good, which has more Isley on it, but the original music by David Holmes is great. Low-key, groovy, it fits the tone of the film perfectly.

The title goes out to some special people who kindly told me they found it annoying when I sang or hummed. How would you like me to tell you to stop breathing? Hell, at least I can carry a tune.  Sheee-it, listen to this song and chill out already.


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