Sammy the Seal

“Cats and dogs living together…. mass hysteria!”

In You're a kitty! on Tuesday, 14 February, 2012 at 23:18

Okay, so it’s nothing like that. I thought it might be nice to get these two together to have a inter-family, non-primate valentine. I was, however, realistic, and was aware that this was about as close as they would get. (After a hiss and some swatting followed by a defensive bark, and consequent separation of the two.) Our reluctant valentines:

reluctant valentines 1

reluctant valentines 2

It was faintly promising to see that, earlier in the evening, rather than run low to the ground from the kitty carrier, she made her way into it twice of her own accord at. However, I wasn’t naïve enough to see these as a good omen, but I still give her some credit for not being so wimpy.

kitty carrier 1

kitty carrier 2

kitty carrier 3

kitty carrier 4


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