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Strawberry ganache tart

In delicious on Monday, 13 February, 2012 at 14:47

strawberry ganache tart family

First, it should be noted that if you’re going to put fruit in or on melted chocolate, especially if the fruit has been sliced (allowing for osmosis of water), you should be serving it soon. Otherwise, hold the fruit until that time. (Or learn how to temper chocolate properly, which I can’t.) These are nice and shiny, but I made these yesterday and am serving today. Hmm….

I might be confusing my doughs, but I’m pretty sure this is the pâte sucrée, which I’ve done before. The ganache filling was pretty simple, I simmered a cup of cream, hot enough to melt the seven ounces of bittersweet chocolate chips and one ounce of chopped unsweetened chocolate, then poured it into the cool tart crusts. Then I put the hulled, halved strawberries on top.

If I had served them when they looked like this, I’d be happy. (The brightness on the first photo is a bit exaggerated, I don’t think it’s possible for a strawberry to have such a hue.) The chocolate was shinier and hadn’t started sweating, the fruit hadn’t given off water that started pooling slightly, sigh…. Well, as D’Angelo Barksdale would say, “you pretty now.”

strawberry ganache tart mom

strawberry ganache tart twin #1 a

strawberry ganache tart twin #1 b

strawberry ganache tart twin #2 a

strawberry ganache tart twin #2 b


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