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“All in all, you’re gonna lose your mind”

In music videos, vinyl on Thursday, 9 February, 2012 at 17:06

Song: Grant Park
Artist: Marvelous 3
Album: ReadySexGo

And now for some cock rock! No, just good, hard, incredibly fun, smart-alecky rock from 1999. Sort of power pop, maybe? I once heard their style likened somewhat to Cheap Trick, whatever the hell that means. Either way, larger-than-life riffs and hooks aplenty, and the best gang vocals I’ve ever heard. (Try not to belt out “any more!” or “I can’t believe it!”) How this didn’t fill arenas back in the day, I’ll never know. Actually, I do, I think it was about a decade late. Rock and a hard place, these guys. The content isn’t as laughable, disposable, nor immature as butt rock, but nor is it so serious like a lot of hard music is (this is near the dawn of that awful “nu-metal” shit turn of the century). For some reason, hard/heavy music is usually serious, angry, or aggressive, yet these guys really don’t take themselves too seriously, except for effort. I don’t mean to trivialize it by saying it’s fun, because for its cleverness and superficiality, it packs a hell of a punch musically. Hell, it rocks! And for me, twelve years more mature, it hasn’t staled. It’s still a genuinely good time.

(Note: abrupt end means songs bleed into each other, the first four do this.)

Grr, I’m really upset about the video. One is in full, but the video/audio sync is off from the beginning (starts at one second, ends at FIFTEEN video playback must be slower), and the one in sync has scrambled video the last 40 seconds (coincidentally, right when the lyrics go “something’s wrong with this picture). I went with the correctly synced one, though the full video is below so you can see what happens. Can’t find any perfect ones. Suck!

Here is the mostly good one. Seeing this makes me mad to this day that I discovered them just after they had disbanded, after I started college in 1999. A crying fucking shame, looks like a sweaty, rollicking time, without all the aggro bullshit that occurs at rock shows with heavy-osity. So very mad. Goofy-ass video (homemade, surely, this doesn’t look like it has label backing), some good dance sequences, as well as Butch Walker looking strangely like Nigel Tufnel at 3:05. And I don’t know what it is, for a split second, I go gay when the bassist winks at 3:07. Coulda been fun, sigh….:

The out-of-sync one. All you really miss is more concert footage, Butch smashing the boom box righteously, then getting back in the car with the doggy:


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