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“What’s this back fat right here?”

In funny ha ha on Wednesday, 25 January, 2012 at 21:47

Bless the person who put these up. First off, I freely admit how lame it is to be a fan of a nostalgia clip show with commentary. That said, I love this episode. I also admit I’m slightly biased, speaking as a child of the ’80s. The first half of the second installment (“Strikes Back”) of the 1980s is pretty solid all around. Here, you have Laura Branigan’s “Gloria”, The ToyThe Road Warrior, Wayne Gretzky, and The Beastmaster. Most everyone in this one has a couple of good lines, with Mo Rocca, Hal Sparks, Michael Ian Black, and especially Donal Logue with most of the highlights. And call me simple-minded, but I can’t get enough of using song clips as punchlines, e.g. Hall and Oates “I Can’t Go For That” (“I can’t go for that, noooooo!”) playing as the gay and S&M aspects of The Road Warrior are shown and discussed.

My favorites:

“Fame! I want to rip my t-shirt, exposing my nipples in the streets of New York!”

“Someone go buy four disco balls– small ones, though, don’t spend too much.”

“Oh, did this song suck. I don’t have to listen to crap just because I like to eat it.”

“The movie The Toy teaches you that money can’t buy you everything, but it can buy you a black man.” (great facial expression to end this line)

“Gee, maybe I am gay.”

“Tiger, you stand there. Ferret, you climb in his pants and bite his penis. Let’s go!”

“Check out my purple yellow KangaRoos®, wanna do it?”

“The kid with… the hair… looked like a mini-Ted Nugent…”

“I love his little itty-bitty gay mustache— what’s this back fat right here?”

“His chest is huge!”

“They put him in a sunglasses case and fired him into space!”

Yes I’m biased because I’m a child of the ’80s, but I still like this. Th


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