Sammy the Seal

“One more, dudes, and then we’ll go for the triple crown– just watch”

In vinyl on Tuesday, 24 January, 2012 at 17:07

Song: Bandwitch
Artist: Broken Social Scene
Album: Broken Social Scene

It’s not that the act of writing siphons off a lot of energy when one is ill, it’s more the motivation, or actually, inspiration, that’s affected. The process is nothing, it’s getting started. I’m still getting over, which is why I’m intentionally playing a song that doesn’t really go anywhere, to save me the energy of having to write much. But, a song that doesn’t go much of anywhere nor have much form to speak of isn’t always an undesirable one. If nothing else, it can soothe: “it’s okay if you’re not feeling so dynamic, we’re taking it easy too. No place to be, no pressure, no hurry.”


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