Sammy the Seal

“Get your fucking voice out of my head”

In vinyl on Sunday, 8 January, 2012 at 19:58

Song: The Kiss
Artist: The Cure
Album: Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

They could be pop, they could be moody and introspective, but they could also be sonically interesting, almost exciting here. The tone of the opening chords are a good way to kick off a sprawling, 18-track album (double album, whatever). The buildup of the song is pretty cool, the squawk and seeming dissonance slowly swirling upwards for almost four minutes before Robert Smith chimes in. The sounds have a certain, for lack of better words, intensity and edge that are a nice counterpoint to the sometimes overwrought lyrics and melodrama in their vocals and lyrics in general. Not a hater, just my opinion– listen to the lyrics. However, the vocals are short-lived (barely a minute), pushing the instruments back to the fore. In fact, this could work perfectly as an instrumental track. There’s enough going on here to sustain the song. And here I was, previously passing over this “mere” opening song on my way to the rest of the tracks. Interesting what you come across when you take the time to sincerely give something your attention.


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